Admissions Open in MBBS

Dear Students,

Admissions are open in MBBS in Russia, Ukraine and China

Please visit our office for further details


  • Safiullah

    AOA l am looking to do BDS IN Dentistry in English some where preferably in Europe. I am British Pakistani.done my A level expected good grades also done UCAT. I am not eligible for lone or grant from uk government as per law you have to be living in uk for 3 years before your course starts. I am living in Pakistan from 2 years as my family is here to look after my grandparents.also I have limited financial resources as my dad is jobless from 2 years. Thanks Regards Safiullah

    • abzone consultants

      Dear Safiullah,
      Thank for your email. Due to this Covid, all embassies were closed, we offer BDS in Russian and Ukraine, if you need more info, please visit our facebook page at the name with abzone consultants

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